Now you can take the reference section of the DOM Scripting book with you wherever you go. This podbook makes use of the Notes Reader in third and fourth generation iPods.

The reference section is divided into DOM methods and properties. These are then grouped together by task, e.g. finding nodes, creating nodes, traversing the node tree, etc.


  1. iPod, generation 3+


  1. Download the zipped file.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Mount your iPod as an external drive via FireWire or USB.
  4. Navigate to the Notes folder on your iPod.
  5. Drag the unzipped folder into the Notes folder of your iPod.
  6. Unmount your iPod.


  1. Select "Extras" from the main menu of your iPod.
  2. Select "Notes" from the Extras menu.
  3. Select "DOM Scripting Reference".
  4. Use the scroll wheel to choose an entry.
  5. Use the click button to view an entry.
  6. Click Menu to navigate back.

Download the .zip file, unzip it and place it in your iPod's Notes folder.

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