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Throughout the DOM Scripting book, I make repeated use of the addLoadEvent function written by the youthful Potteresque Simon Willison. It’s a very handy little function that gets around the problem I mentioned recently of page load events overwriting one another.

There’s an extended version of that function called addEvent, written by Scott Andrew LePera (equally gifted in the fields of JavaScript and music). This function allows you to attach many functions to any event.

Unfortunately, the addEvent function is not without its problems. As a result, Peter-Paul Koch has put out the word: it’s time for a better addEvent function.

This is just like that part of the Arthurian legend where the future king must draw the sword from the stone… except the sword is now a JavaScript function and the stone is a judging panel consisting of PPK, Scott Andrew and Dean Edwards (the man with a web server in his kitchen).

If you’re new to JavaScript and DOM Scripting, this will probably be of little interest to you. But if you’re an experienced coder, and you think you can build a better mousetrap, go ahead and stake your claim. Some fame and no fortune whatsoever awaits. What are you waiting for?

Posted by Jeremy on Friday, September 9th, 2005 at 11:35pm


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