Teaching is a learning experience

I was in London last week to deliver a one-day training course in JavaScript and the Document Object Model. The event went very smoothly and I was able to cover quite a bit of ground.

As enjoyable as it was to expound on unobtrusive JavaScript and explain the nuances of the Document Object Model, the real fun came from the discussions that the subject material prompted. The class (if that’s the right word) was nice and small. With just six people in attendance it was easy for everyone to feel relaxed and conversational. The fact that each attendee was a clued-up standards-savvy developer ensured that there was some lively, thought-provoking debate.

Peter Lambert came all the way down from York — and back on the same day! I was iChatting with him a couple of days later and he showed me some DOM scripts he had written when he got home. It was impressive stuff.

Francis Storr was also there and he’s written about the day on his new blog. He also mentions the post-training drinks in Soho, which were most enjoyable although, by that stage, my voice was feeling a little worse for wear after a day’s solid talking.

But that slight physical discomfort paled in comparison to the enormous pleasure I got from talking about something I find so exciting. With a few Skillswaps under my belt, as well as my stints at South by SouthWest and @media, I’m really getting a taste for this public speaking. Just wind me up and let me go. I’m ready to take the DOM Scripting show on the road.

Posted by Jeremy on Thursday, October 13th, 2005 at 2:06am


Glad to hear it. Your stint at @media was highly entertaining, and informative to boot, so I look forward to you becoming a regular on the presentation circuit.

[Jump forward 18 months: "Christ, it’s that bloody Keith bloke again, he gets everywhere!"]

# Posted by Stephen on Friday, October 14th, 2005 at 10:31am

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